Express Bonus

Bonus for the Multi bets - Express Bonus


«Express Bonus» is provided both for online customers and customers making bets in the betshops.


«Express Bonus» is provided based on the number of events included in the Multi bet. In case of including 3 or more events in the Multi bet, certain percent of the winning amount is added to the total winning. Only events with odds of “1.5” or higher are taken into account, while the bet amount of a multi bet must be no less than for example 1 000 RUB.


The returned bet is not included in the calculation of the number of events in the Multi bet. For example, if you made a Multi bet on 9 different events and 2 of them didn't occur (the event was cancelled or delayed, and/or for other reason the bet was calculated with odds of “1”), the bonus will be provided for the rest 7 events.


The list of bonus amounts added for different number of events is presented below:


Number of Events

Bonus Amount











10 and more






You make a Multi bet of 1 000 RUB on 5 different events with total odds of 18.6.

1st event (W1) - 1.6

2nd event (W2) - 1.7

3rd event (Total Over (2.5)) - 1.8

4th event (W2) - 1.9

5th event (W1) - 2


Bonus odds - 1.1


In case your bet wins you will receive additional 10 % of your winning, that is (18.6 x 1 000) * 1.1.


Your total winning will be 18 600 + 1 860 = 20 460.


The organizer has a right at his sole discretion to restrict or suspend the bonus for Multi bets - temporarily or permanently. Also, the player and his win amount are entitled to block/cancellation in case of the breach of website rules by the player.