Freebet Bonus



Users of our site are provided with "FreeBet Bonus" in the amount of 1000 rubles(15EUR/17USD/500UAH). In order to receive the bonus, you just need to register on the INTERBET.CLUB website, send the photo of the first page of your passport to the email [email protected] The subject of the letter should contain your ID, in the photo it should be clearly visible: a photo of the passport holder, full name, series and passport number, by whom and when issued. In the photo frame of the passport there should be attributes of the company INTERBET: it can be an open page of the site, or a paper sheet with the written address of the site or company name. Scans of passports, as well as photos without attributes of INTERBET company are not considered. Your bonus account, if all the conditions and rules of the company are fulfilled, will be supplemented with the amount of 1,000 rubles(15EUR/17USD/500UAH)within 48 hours


From the moment of replenishment of your bonus account, you can make single and multibets with a minimum wager odds  1.8 (if you bet multibetbet, then all events on this express must be with a wager odds 1.8 and higher).


If your bet wins, the net winnings amount will be immediately credited to your real account and will be available for withdrawal, and the bonus account will be reduced by the bet amount.

In case your bet loses, your bonus account will be reduced by the bet amount.

"FreeBet Bonus" is valid for 7 days from the date of enrollment.



You are charged "FreeBet Bonus" in the amount of 1000r, and you bet on the amount of 250p with odds 1.9.

In case your bet wins, your real account increases by 225r (250p (bet amount) * 1.9 (odds) - 250p (bet amount) = 225p (net winnings), and the bonus account becomes equal to 750r

In case your bet loses, then your real account will remain unchanged, and the bonus account will be 750r. (1000r (initial amount) -250r (amount of the bet).


ATTENTION!!! If the bet is calculated with odds 1 (except for the cases when the match is canceled), the bonus rate is burned. If your bet was calculated with kef.1 due to cancellation of the match, you need to contact technical support for the return of the bet amount.

- The promotion is valid only for new registered users 

- The action is valid for citizens of Russia and the CIS

 Each user / individual can receive the Welcome "FreeBet Bonus" only once

 The Organizer has the right, at his own discretion, to temporarily, or indefinitely, limit, suspend or cancel "FreeBet Bonus"

- The user can have only one active bonus "FreeBet" or "FirstDeposit". If the user made his first deposit before he played the "Welcome Bonus", then "FirstDepositBonus" will be credited, after wagering "FreeBet"

- In case of any violations, the Company has the right to freeze the user's game account, cancel the bids, and also the bonus granted to the user.

- The bonus can be played by making bets in the "Sports" section